The Next 100 challenge is HERE! We have committed to 14-weeks of GROWING companies and strengthening our professionals despite what’s happening in the world outside of our control. Based on our success strategy challenges; this industry-wide challenge will bring our community in commitment to build together. While we can’t control all that's happening in the world, we can control our own actions. 
So… are you ready to take action for your own success story?
When Covid-19 swept into our daily lives and what seemed like overnight completely changed our businesses and the special event industry, we all went through a hard first few weeks filled with anxiety and fear. We all made incredibly tough decisions and painfully watched our daily lives and the plans we had for the year swiftly change. As owners of our own catering company, we were right there with you experiencing it in real time right alongside our community. We quickly made a decision for our business and family. We choose action! It’s a core value at our company but we decided we needed to triple down in every facet of our lives. So we committed more than ever to our best habits and spent time priming our focus on the new year ahead. We also committed to holding each other accountable, diving in to re-educating, and drilling down the exact steps we need to take to ensure on out outset of this we are stronger than ever... and we thought that maybe you might need some of these things too. 

Now more than ever, we don’t just need community, we need focus. We need to remind ourselves of the steps that built our businesses and educate ourselves on what we want our companies to be in the future. Spend some time imagining how much you'll accelerate the vision you have for your company if you stay committed to your core values even during an incredibly difficult season. For those of you who have never considered challenging yourselves or your companies in this way before... here’s why it matters:

>> In times of stress when you don't have a plan, you’ll likely reach for the negative and rehash the same details over and over again in your mind only to find yourself staying in this frame of mind long after the crisis is over...

>> You have people and families who are counting on you to be strong but you feel too lost to show up for them let alone to lead them. By centering yourself each day in simple ways you’ll feel more capable of the responsibility of leading your team right out of this time...

>> In times of crisis, let’s be honest… we tend to make the worst emotionally based decisions. We eat more unhealthy options, drink more alcohol and become more sedentary in an effort to comfort ourselves...

>> One way or another you will come through this hard season but how you choose to walk through will determine whether or not you come out stronger or worse off than before....

>> Every Week you’ll be a part of our virtual challenge community. We’ll give you exclusive access to all of The Next 100 content featuring videos of Renee and Jeremy guiding you through the topic of the week and other free resources to help you through the challenge and most importantly grow your business even in these unprecedented times. 

>> Every Monday morning you'll get an email from us with the weekly topic. Each will focus on a different concept from persistence, strategy, systems, to the power of habits and include a challenge of the week we’ll do together as a community.

>> Every Day you’ll commit to your Focused Five! If you aren’t familiar with our Focused Five (the five things you commit to doing every day) you’ll receive a Focused Five guide when you join our challenge to help you master this practice! Even though everyone participating in this challenge is at different places and stages in their businesses, we know committing to these five things every day provides the best foundation for growth.

>> Every Platform We are devoted to serving you through this challenge for the next 14 weeks. From our live Nine at Nine chats to our social media to emails and anything else we can think of we’ve committed to being a resource for you, your business, and your team. 

Oh...and did we mention it's completely FREE? 

So are you ready?....
Let's Go! 
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