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The Next 100 challenge is HERE! We’re committing to 14-weeks of growing companies and strengthening our professionals despite what’s happening in the world outside of our control. Based on our success strategy challenges, this industry-wide challenge will bring our community in commitment to build together. We decided that while we can’t control all that's happening in the world, we can control our own actions. So… how does it work?
Every Week you’ll be a part of our virtual challenge. We’ll give you exclusive access to all of The Next 100 content featuring videos of Renee and Jeremy guiding you through the topic of the week and other free resources to help you through the challenge and most importantly grow your business even in these unprecedented times. 

Every Monday morning you'll get an email from us with the weekly topic. Each will focus on a different concept from persistence, strategy, systems, to the power of habits and include a challenge of the week we’ll do together as a community.

Every Day you’ll commit to your Focused Five! If you aren’t familiar with our Focused Five (the five things you commit to doing every day) you’ll receive a Focused Five guide when you join our challenge to help you master this practice! Even though everyone participating in this challenge is at different places and stages in their businesses, we know committing to these five things every day provides the best foundation for growth.

Every Platform We are devoted to serving you through this challenge for the next 14 weeks. From our live Nine at Nine chats to our social media to emails and anything else we can think of we’ve committed to being a resource for you and your business. 

Oh...and did we mention it's completely FREE? 

So are you ready?....
Let's Go! 

Smart Selling Daily Journal
The daily activity journal that builds high performing sales professionals and is proven to generate millions of dollars in revenue. 
About The Miners
Jeremy and Renee Miner have spent more than fifteen years in the special event and hospitality industry as co-founders of Empyrean Events and Catering and its sister divisions Empyrean Designs, Empyrean Cafe, Fort Wayne Picnic Company as well as The Cocktail Chemist, and Miner Consulting | Education Is For Humans. 
This dynamic husband and wife team is innovative, ambitious, determined, and confident. 

The Miner's are on a journey to help build and develop businesses to define their own success stories. As serial entrepreneurs, Jeremy and Renee use their skills, passion, and talents to support catering businesses as they build a stronger foundation. Their combined philosophies have proven successful within their own companies as well as countless others. 

Both of the Miner's have found themselves on the national stage as educators for the special event and Fortune 500 industries. Their fusion has crafted a well rounded expertise in sales, marketing, branding, kitchen management, beverage programs, and catering operations.

The Miner's enjoy providing consulting, coaching, and educating services for a wide range of clients. Combining experience and knowledge from years in the hospitality industry with real world banter; they create balanced, instructive and interactive experiences designed to help companies at any stage. 

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Learn how to turn your business in to a thriving, efficient, profitable company with the right foundations for fast and scalable growth. 
Access the keys to creating a robust profit center with a consistent and polished beverage program. 

Harness the power of modern marketing techniques and strategies that provide you a path to connect with your audience daily. 
The week catering accelerator, taking massive focused action to transform your company, and yourself. 
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Here's What Other's
 Have To Say...
"The Academy has been completely life changing. To really focus on the operations of my business in a one on one way with Jeremy and Renee has been incredible. The community of other caterers has been an invaluable resource."
Amanda Carrol
Carrol Catering
"You can overcome all the struggles of owning a catering company when you’ve got the systems in place… when you’ve got the right team around you… and when you’ve got a mentor who’s done it!”

Devon Lawson
At Your Service Caterers
"The biggest win for me being able to reduce my costs and maximize productivity. I can finally trust my team to work smarter not harder. They get it now."

Mitch Rossworth
Belford Catering 
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